Michael Jordan: There is no Other

#MJMondays — Throwback post paying homage to MJ’s Greatness

Sideline Critiques: Random Drops of NBA Knowledge

No other player in NBA history has meant more to the city and team they represented than Michael Jordan. Jordan’s importance stretches past the confines of just basketball. When an average sports fan thinks of Chicago sports, Michael Jordan is most assuredly at the top of the list.

There is no other team in the history of the NBA for which one athlete has become synonymous with the team itself. Throughout NBA history, players have passed the torch of their legacy on to the next generation of up-and-coming superstars to carry the team in the future.

Most of the NBA powerhouses have gone through various phases in which a new superstar was leading the team. The Lakers and Celtics in particular have long lists of Hall of Famers that have all contributed to the franchises’ successes as a whole. However, no one player has truly stood above another within the…

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